How do I improve my user profile?

Improving your ENDU user profile means completing the information entered during the registration process with additional information useful for the tools available on the portal.

You will benefit from each piece of additional information added:

  • Profile picture and cover photo – it helps users recognize you when they search for you – read the guide
  • Anagraphic data- read the guide
    • Nickname – improved search for users who know your nickname
    • Place of birth – it allows to check your tax identification number and be recognized at events avoiding same name confusion
    • Residence / Home address – necessary for the delivery of prizes and products purchased
    • Physical data – to suggest more interesting offers
  • Sports data 
    • Sport practised – to suggest ad hoc articles and discounts for specific events – read the guide
  • Results – to enrich your sports curriculum and in some cases request a starting sector – read the guide
  • Medical certificates - (available soon)
  • Sports memberships (available soon)
  • Chips used (available soon)
 If you want to learn about why you should be using ENDU please read Why you should be on ENDU.