What is a GPX file? How can I convert other files to GPX format?

What is a GPX file?

GPX files commonly contain information such as tracks or routes in file format.
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These files contain distance, waypoint and elevation of the track they represent.

They are commonly used and generated by software such as Openrunner, GPSies, Garmin Base Camp and/or GPS tracking devices such as Garmin, Polar, Suunto etc.

The GPX format is widely used.

However, there isn’t a writing standard for this file and ENDU might not be able to import it.

In such case, please read "How can I convert other files to GPX format?" below.

How can I convert other files to GPX format?

On the web and thanks to Google tools you can find tracks in a format other than GPX, such as KML, FIT, TCX...

Sometimes you can find also gpx files which are not compatible with ENDU. In all the above cases, the files will need to be made "ENDU-compatible" or "normalized".

To this purpose, we rely on Openrunner.com, an excellent, easy to use and popular web site.

By uploading to this site the files which are not compatible with ENDU and saving them in GPX format, the resulting files will be optimized and readable.

There are other competitor’s platforms to Openrunner used for the same purpose, but Openrunner is undoubtedly the most commonly used, also to create tracks from scratch.

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