Gift cards

ENDU gift cards consist of one or more vouchers and can be used to purchase any items available on ENDU store (event registrations, photos, additional services).

What is a voucher

Each voucher has an associated one-time-use 10 € discount code, which may be applied for single transactions on ENDU store to choose items that have an equal or greater value than the amount of the voucher(s). If the value of the item(s) chosen is lower than the credit on your voucher(s), you will not get a refund for the unused balance. If the item(s) you have selected total more than the value of the voucher(s), you’ll be prompted to pay the balance separately using one of the payment methods accepted by ENDU.

Multiple vouchers can be added to a gift card and the total value of the card may be used to make separate purchases.

Gift card delivery

The gift card will be sent to the customer e-mail address. The customer may choose to forward it by email or give it in person.

ENDU cards will expire after 12 months from activation.

How to use a gift card

Enter the voucher(s) discount code based on the amount you wish to use, before proceeding to checkout. For example, if you make a purchase for 27 € and you have 5 vouchers to redeem, you can either:

  • use three 10 € vouchers for a total amount of 30 €. In this case you will not get a refund for the 3 € unused balance;
  • use two 10 € vouchers, for a total amount of 20 € and pay the remainder of the total order (7 €) separately.

 Any unused vouchers may be used toward future purchases (same rules above apply).