How to request a refund for the registration of a canceled / postponed event

For some events canceled or that have changed date, it is possible to request, if applicable *, a full or partial refund of the fee paid for registration through the ENDU platform.

* ATTENTION: to find out if there are any methods of reimbursement of the registration fee for an event to which you have already registered, it is necessary to refer to the official communications disclosed by the organizing committee.

If the event you are subscribing to provides a form of reimbursement available on ENDU, you can choose the desired option in two ways:

  • through a direct link provided to the organizer available on the official website of the event or on the ENDU homepage of the event
  • through the detail of your order by pressing the Request refund button

It is possible not to choose any refund option. In this case, the member tacitly accepts the specific conditions decided by the organizing committee.


The reimbursement of a registration fee does not include secretarial commissions and the purchase of DataHealth codes.

The reimbursement of a registration fee may not include products sold by the organizer during registration. To find out the details of the conditions, please contact the organizing committee.

To know how to use a voucher obtained from a refund, read How to use the ENDU Voucher.

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