What is ENDU REaction

ENDU REaction is a campaign born at the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency that aims to spread optimism towards all sportsmen by protecting registrations for participating events in this period of uncertainty.

For those who decide to register for a REaction event, notwithstanding the provisions of the event regulations, the Organizer undertakes through ENDU to guarantee, if the event cannot take place or the member prefers not to participate, the possibility of obtaining:

A. registration valid for the next edition of the same event without further disbursements


B. an ENDU voucher for an amount equal to 90% of the price paid for the registration fee (net of any discounts) for the payment of any other registration through ENDU to events taking place by 30/06 / 2021.

You can exercise this right up to 3 days before the date of the event if the event will take place regularly, or, if the event will not take place, within 3 days after the date on which it should have taken place. Registration for the next edition will not be transferable to other people while the voucher will be "bearer", that is, it can be transferred to another person by the user who received it.

This right is valid only and exclusively for registrations made and paid through ENDU in the reference period, therefore for all other registrations the provisions of the event regulations will continue to apply.

Any products purchased separately from registration and secretarial commissions are not included, unless otherwise specified.

In the letter confirming receipt of the registration you will find information on how to exercise this right.

To know the list of events that have active registrations in REaction mode click here.

The events that enjoy REaction coverage have an information banner in evidence before the registration form.

If you have registered for an event with REaction and want to request a refund, read How to request a REaction refund.

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