Where do I find race results and rankings?

Event and race results are available inside the event page.

Two procedures can be followed to search for an event:

  1. Search for the event using the event search bar
  2. Or select the Last events button on ENDU homepage from the Watch results box

Once you have selected the desired event click on Results and check the rankings.

All users can download rankings in PDF format. Only registered users can export rankings to XLS format.

If you are following an event, you will be notified when the results become available, soon after they are published.

You can view the general ranking as well as the details of each athlete’s performance. If the result returned is yours, you can link it to your name and import it to your profile.

In almost every case the system can recognize results and link them automatically to the right profile.

To learn how to connect a result please read How do I connect results to my profile?

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