How do I upload event results / rankings?

Race results are the most frequently viewed information.

These can be 'internal' or 'external'.

Internal results are found on ENDU and can be 'static' or 'dynamic'.

  • STATIC results are generally printed on PDF files
  • DYNAMIC results are collected in an XLS table and lately converted on ENDU. Users will have their results displayed on their profile

The nature of the results may vary depending on the race type and race timer.

Race results managed by MySDAM timer are automatically uploaded and managed on ENDU.

There are two options for races managed by other timers:

  • Adding an external link to the results page
  • Sending the results to the ENDU team in PDF or XLS format

To add an external link

  • Access the event homepage
  • Select Information
  • Click on the Edit button to the right
  • Select Editions from the left menu
  • Identify the event edition to which you wish to link the results (if the edition you are looking for is not available, please send an email to
  • Click Edit
  • Scroll the page down and enter the link in the Link results box
  • Click Save

To add static or dynamic rankings:

Discover how to manage an event or go back to ENDUhelpdesk homepage.

*Use the XLS version of rankings to speed up the uploading process of dynamic rankings on ENDU.