How do I connect results to my profile?

The system automatically detects the connection between a result and the person who has achieved it. The minimum prerequisite is accuracy of data provided both on your ENDU profile and during an event.

However, some data discrepancies (such as minor inaccuracies, compound names, incorrect accents, specific characters) might block the automated pairing of an athlete’s name with his/her result.

ENDU supports a dedicated feature for linking results to user profiles in case this does not happen automatically.

  • Check your profile to make sure that your result has not already been linked to your name.
  • Search for the results related to the desired race (read also: Where do I find race results and rankings?)
  • Identify your result using the Find my result button or search for it using the search bar (enter your surname or bib number)
  • Click on Detail
  • Select the Connect it with your profile button to the left

Your request will be submitted to the ENDU team for the necessary verifications and processed within 48 hours.

You can submit a request also if you wish to link to your profile results of previous editions.

If you are watching a friend’s result, invite your friend to access his/her page by clicking Spread the word: enter your friend’s email and click Send.

To learn how to print your certificate of participation please read How do I print my race certificate?

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