How are online registrations created on ENDU?

On the ENDU portal it is possible to create your own online registrations free of charge even if you are using other channels for attendees registration.

If you are an organizer, by creating your own registration you will have access to a reserved area from where you can:

  • Monitor participants lists and payments
  • Add or remove participants
  • Download the list of participants in Excel compatible format
  • View statistics about participants

A dedicated team will set fees, deadlines and registration prerequisites based on the specific requirements of each organizer.

The payment methods accepted for online registration are:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Diners Credit card 
  • Bank transfer with Klarna (How it works)
  • Paypal (How it works)
  • Satispay (How it works)
  • Standard bank transfer 

Payments with American Express or by postal order are not accepted.

For more details send an email to An operator will provide you with all necessary information.

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