Can I custom edit the URL of my event?

The URL of an ENDU event is a customized and easy-to remember web address linking directly to your event page.

For instance: (the red text can be edited)

You can edit the URL directly from your event page:

  • Access your event
  • Select Information
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Edit the URL in the appropriate field
  • Save

NB: if you edit your event URL, the previous URL will become inactive and the page unavailable when using the previous address. For this reason, we recommend that you do not edit a URL once it has been created.

Important: please read our guidelines about using URLs:

  • You cannot pick a URL already in use
  • The event URL may contain only letters (A-Z) numbers (0-9) or a dash (“-“)
  • The event URL must clearly relate to your event. Do not use generic names unless they include the name of your event (i.e. granfondo-abc instead of granfondo)
  • When creating a URL for your event make sure it will (possibly) be your final URL
  • Do not include sponsor names, if they change frequently 
  • Do not include the edition or the year of your event

You can choose to add the name of the title sponsor directly to the event name.

Once the URL has been updated, remember to update your websites or social accordingly if they point to the previous address!

For more information on how to edit an event name please read Can I edit an event name? or go back to ENDUhelpdesk homepage.