How do I use the board for an event?

The board is a very useful communication tool between event organizers and ENDU users.

Through the board, it is possible to publish posts, receive comments and moderate content.

To enable or disable your event board

  • Access your event homepage
  • Click on the Edit button to the right
  • Select Information
  • Scroll the General information page down to Board 
  • Enable / Disable the Make visible button
  • Click on Save

Once the board has been enabled, it will be accessible from the main menu of the event page.

Use the box to the right to select the board settings:

  • Click on the Manage button
  • Enable / Disable each option available
If you enable the Pre-moderation option, the posts created by users will become public only after being approved by the administrator.

To find out how to add an administrator to an event page please read Can I add other administrators to the event page? or go back to ENDUhelpdesk homepage.