The profile and cover images give your ENDU event pages visual impact at a glance. For this reason, we recommend that you choose them accurately.

The profile image (200x200 pixels) usually corresponds to the event logo.

The cover image (900x360 pixels) can consist in the event logo or banner, or an image of the event.

To set the profile image (small image - 200x200 pixels):

  • Access your event page
  • Move the cursor along the bottom of the profile photo box
  • Click on Add / Update profile picture
  • Click Browse
  • Select an image from your PC and click Open
  • Use the bottom horizontal toolbar to edit the image
  • Select the desired square area for your image
  • Save

To set the cover photo (large image - 900x360 pixels)

  • Move the cursor along the upper edge of the image area
  • Click on Add / Update cover photo

Repeat the above-mentioned steps followed for the profile photo