How do I enter race rules and program?

Rules and program are the most important information about an event.

On your ENDU page you can enter the rules directly or add a link to an external page containing the rules.

To enter the rules:

  • Access your event homepage
  • Select Information
  • Click on the Edit button to the right
  • Select Rules from the left menu
  • Enter rules in the relevant box
  • Enter the external link to the rules in the relevant field (if available)
  • Click Save

To enter the program:

  • Select Program from the left menu
  • Enter program in the relevant box
  • Click Save

You can also enter Rules and Program in English.

To enter rules and program in English, select the EN tab at the top of the text box and follow the same procedure above.

NB: if you are using a non-Italian browser, rules and program will be displayed by default in English only if available. If the English version is not available, content will be displayed in Italian.

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