Where do I enter the edition number?

We do not recommend using the edition number when entering the title of an event on ENDU.

Each event on the ENDU calendar is like a "box" containing all the past and present editions of the same event. 

Inside an event page you can view the results from previous years.

Viewing for instance the 2015 rankings of an event named "2018 Simplyhealth Bristol Half marathon" or "20th Jayco herald Sun Tour" creates confusion.

Please follow our recommendations below:

Do not add the year of the edition to the title of the event (if an event takes place in 2018, it is clear that 2018 is the year of that event)

Enter the edition number in the appropriate field 

Where do I enter the event edition?

  • Access your event page
  • Select Information
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Click on Editions    from the left menu
  • Click on the Edit button associated to the desired edition
  • Enter the edition number in the appropriate field
  • Click Save
The edition number will auto increment year over year and will be displayed on the homepage before the event title.

For more information on event profiling please read Sports and disciplines: tag based event profiling or go back to ENDUhelpdesk homepage.